Mission Statement of Committee:

Our committee is a community of parents, teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders whose purpose is to advise the BOE on issues of academic excellence and serve as an advisory group to the TH BOE and School administrators on the issues of academic excellence.

that are essential to accomplishing our goals… •
  • Show respect for all thoughts with kindness
  • Remain open minded
  • One person speaks at a time
  • Use the facilitator to monitor conversation flow

Protocols- the way information will be shared, how decisions are made…

  • •Welcoming- attendance, continue open meeting notification,
    encourage new membership, take 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to review past discussions, post meeting minutes on website
  • Commenting- use written and verbal communication as appropriate to collect information, use round table format first to make sure everyone is heard, raise hands for follow-up discussion, use facilitator to monitor conversation flow, facilitator will change each time
  • Consensus- we work for the good of the order, informative efforts rather than opinionated, make series of recommendations, using pros/cons, at times may need to compromise using the majority vote system- last level •
  • Parking lot- use sticky notes to come back to later, these issues will be put on future agendas for discussion, facilitator will assist in monitoring
  • Conflict resolution- pros/cons with no decision
  • Conflict of interest- everyone is welcome to attend and any member should recuse themselves or abstain from voting should a conflict of interest arise, trust individuals to make the right choice (added from last meeting)
  • •Norms reminder- facilitator will gently remind

Next meeting date…
Wednesday Feb. 25th at 5:30 PM Veterans Community Room

All are welcome and encouraged to come! 

Draft Policies for EAEC to Review

EAEC 11-24-14 Minutes

EAEC 6-16-14 Agenda

EAEC 5-19-14 Minutes

EAEC 5-19-14 Agenda

EAEC 4-1-14 Minutes

EAEC 2-25-14 Minutes

EAEC 2-25-14 Agenda

EAEC 1-27-14 Minutes

EAEC 1-27-14 Agenda

EAEC 11-25-13 Minutes

EAEC 11-25-13 Agenda

EAEC 10-29-13 Minutes

EAEC 10-29-13 Agenda