Taconic Hills Commemorative Park

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The Welcome plaque with a brief explanation of how the Park
came to be.
L To R  William Mahon, Joseph LaPorto, Clarence Harder, Patricia Atwood, Janice Mans, Leatrice Yaroschuck, Mary Mazzacano, Marylu Janssen, and George Atwood.          
Kneeling  Henry Croteau, Maurice Mans
This Bell is a symbol of the past representing the one room and larger schools from the 44 districts that centralized to form Taconic Hills in 1969. The Bell originally hung and rang in the Smokey Hollow one room school in Hollowville.
Plaque describes the history of the Bell.
The granite bench was donated by the Class of 2004.
The Ockawamick Plaque was donated by the Class of 2002 and has a brief description of the history of the Ockawamick School written by the Ockawamick Committee.
The Roe Jan Plaque was donated by the Class of 2002. It gives a brief description of the history of the school written by John Dunn.
Coach Thompson, Roe Jan Athletic Director (1935 -1946)
Thompson Field was dedicated in 1979 in memory of Harry C. Thompson for his influence of students, school and community. Through his efforts, the Roe Jan football field became a reality.
By actions, words and deeds, Coach Thompson created an image for all to follow. The Code was taken from one of his basketball programs and expresses the high standards and values that he inspired in those he taught.
A brick in the path given by the Alumni to Senior Class Advisor, Theresa Leggett.
Coach-Shoemaker came to Roe-Jan in 1949. He served as Director of Physical Education and Athletics until 1969, when the merger with Ockawamick occured. At this time, he became Director of Athletics of the Taconic Hills School District until his retirement in 1974.
The Shoemaker Field stone.
The Shoemaker Field stone came from the Roe Jan baseball field. The field was named for Coach Shoemaker and was dedicated on May 16, 1981. Jack Pollack was the leader behind getting the funds to do the work with the help of local business and community members.
The wooden bench came from the front lawn of Ockawamick.
The Taconic Hills Plaque was donated by the Class of 2002. Written by teacher Mark Lant and members of the senior class, it gives a brief history of Taconic Hills.

Photos courtesy of Hank Croteau and Pat Atwood