How to use the web-based Calendar System

How to Subscribe to the Calendar

Click on the “Subscribe to the Calendar” in the upper left hand corner.  In the pop up box, there is a choice to subscribe to the calendar for every event change or click on the events of interest to be reminded of the events.  The reminder may be sent up to 14 days in advance of the event. Choose which events by clicking the box next to the event.

How to Add events to your MS Outlook calendar:

Click on “Add to Outlook” in the upper right hand corner.  In the pop up box, click on the event to add to your MS Outlook calendar.  On Outlook event box, click “Save and Close”.  Events must be added individually.

Underlined events have more information:
Clicking on an underlined event will open a pop-up window, which will contain additional information not displayed in the calendar.
To view a different month or year:
Click on a month in the navigaton bar near the top. Since the calendar displays the current calendar year, if you want to view a date in the following year, first click on the following year at the far right, then when that year appears click on month you wish to view.
To view the month's events as a list:
Go to the display bar at the bottom of the calendar. The default setting is 1 month at a time, in a block calendar format. If you want to view this month's events as a list, click on the pull-down menu beside Block, and click on Condensed. This will show the events scheduled for that month.
To view the entire year's events as a list:
First, follow the directions to display a month's events as a list. Then, click on the pull-down menu beside Month, and click on Year. This will show the entire year's events as a list. Once you have changed the display to Year and Condensed, you can go to navigation bar at the top and click on any year you choose. .
To view a single event:

Go to the bottom right of the page, and click on Filter. This will pop-up a screen allowing you to either search for an event by name.

To search by category, click on Category in the pop-up box, and select the category you wish to view from the pull-down menu. Then click on Filter. The system will eliminate all other categories from view.

To search by text, type in the name of the event in the Text box, and click Filter.
For example, typing in PTO will display the PTO meetings for the month you are searching in.

To print a black & white version of the schedule:
If you want to save your color cartridges, go to the Display bar at the bottom of the page, and click on Print View. A pop-up window will appear, and allow you to change the view to black & white. Click on Refresh Calendar Display, and calendar will change to black & white. Follow your normal printing procedure. To return to the full-color view, click on Close/Back to Original Display.