Parents and guests are requested to please not park in the drive-through lane or in unmarked parking areas.  We encourage all parents to use only designated parking spaces since parking in these other areas creates a hazard for cars arriving or departing the parking lot.  When visitors park in non-designated areas all vehicles are placed in jeopardy since it is difficult for other cars to maneuver in the parking lot. 

There are plenty of spaces within the larger parking area and it may mean that people must walk some distance to get to the school.  However this slight inconvenience is preferable over the possibility that:

  • A Safety Hazard can be created.
  • Our school grounds could be destroyed.  Parking on the grass is destroying these various areas.
  • Someone exiting the lot and damaging another car because there is limited room for cars moving from one area to another.
  • You could receive a ticket.

Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.  On the nights of our upcoming two concerts we plan on running shuttle buses so please park in a designated parking space and wait for the shuttle.


Page updated - 4/08
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