Health and Wellness Meeting Dates/Minutes
2016 - 2017

February 2 Brief meeting of Co-Chairs, discussed Wellness Initiatives Incentives.

Next meeting April 5th at 3:00. Veteranís Community Room. Anyone is welcome to attend!

FitFuture Parent Newsletter: Tips for Healthier Celebrations at School and Home


The  first meeting of the Wellness Committee for 15/16 school year - October 21st  in The Veterans Community Room at 3:00 pm. 

Members Present
Pam Strompf
Jane Case
Mary D’Amico
Janet Argus

Topics that were discussed
Homemade cupcakes brought into school-Jane will follow up
TCBY coloring pages being handed to elementary students
Caffeine-free Monster drinks
Intern from Russell Sage College-10 weeks in Food Service Dept.
Ice cream on Fridays
Dairy Month celebration in June

Meeting was adjourned at 3:45
Next meeting will be January 20th at 5:30 in the Veterans Community Room


Health and Wellness Agenda Topics

Establish dates and times for 2014-2015 Wellness Meetings:

 9/23/2014             3:30 pm
( Postponed)


11/18/2014            3:30 pm

12/16/2014            3:30 pm

1/27/2015              6:00 pm

2/25/2015              5:30 pm

3/24/2015              3:30 pm

4/28/2015              6:00 pm

5/26/2015              3:30 pm

Meetings are scheduled for 90 minutes

Health and Wellness Meeting Dates/Minutes
2013 - 2014

October 22nd  6:00pm

November 26th  3:30pm

January 21st  6:00pm

February 25th  3:30pm

March  25th  6:00pm

April 10th 3:30

April 22nd  3:30pm

May 27th  6:00pm

Location is Veterans’ Community Room.

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Health and Wellness Newsletters and Posters


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