Common Core Resources for Teachers

Grade level File Name
Kindergarten Benchmarks and Assessments
Connecting ideas to own interests-pictures
Connecting ideas to own interests-words
Beginning middle end
Fiction and Nonfiction Books
Sorting Books
Answering questions with facts
In the library I know how to revised
First Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
What do you already know about your topic
How Picture Books are Organized in the Library
Recognizing facts and forming opinions
Using facts to answer questions
Picturing the Main Idea of a Story
Now I Wonder
In the library I know how to
Second Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
My Inquiry
I Wonder
Inquiry Research Log
Main Idea and Details
Prior Knowledge and New Understandings
Strengths and Goals in the Library
Third Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
Dewey Decimal System
Online Catalog Searching for Library Resources
Using a Website to Find Appropriate Information
Main Idea and Supporting Details
Main Points
How am I Doing
Strengths and Goals
Fourth Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
Key Words for Online Searching
Main Ideas and Details
Predicting Answers
Selecting the Right Sources
Paraphrasing Chart
Mapping the Main Idea and Supporting Facts
Summarizing the Important Ideas
Supporting the Main Idea
Identifying the Story Elements
Using Feedback to Revise My Work
Strengths and Goals
Fifth Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
Using Background Info to Brainstorm Ideas
Writing Questions That Lead to Inquiry
Using Multiple Sources
Using Website Navigation Tools to Find Information
Evaluation Tool Sheet
Note-taking by Question
Note-taking Grid
Using Evidence to Support Opinions
Bibliography Worksheet
Using Feedback to Revise My Work
Strengths and Goals
Sixth Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
Uses online catalog
Making Inferences about Facts
Drawing conclusions
Claim Evidence Interpretation
Conclusions and Supporting Evidence
Seventh Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
Predicting Answers to Inquiry Questions
Developing Focus Questions
Note Taking Grid
Website Evaluation
Fact vs opinion
Cause and effect diagram
Cause effect chart
Chain of events
Chronological Order
Flow Chart
One cause one effect
Time sequence organizer
Readers make inferences
Bibliography Worksheet
Self assesment
Eighth Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
Narrowing Down a Large Topic
Narrowing Down a Large Topic - Example
Refining Research Question to Search for Different Types of Information
Using Different Sources
The Effects of Different Perspectives on Issues
Point of View Influences Interpretation of Information
Claim Evidence Interpretation
Drawing conclusions
My Research Project
Strengths and Goals
Ninth Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
Identifying Key Words, Concepts, Synonyms and Related Terms
Mind Mapping
Notes on Main Ideas and Supporting Evidence
Notes on Main Ideas and Supporting Evidence - Example
Notetaking Grid
Notetaking to Answer Questions
Reflective Notetaking
Organizing Information - Example
Organizing Information - Rubric
My Strengths in the Inquiry Process
My Strengths in the Inquiry Process - Example
Tenth Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
Connecting to a Manageable Topic
Exploring Background Information to Refine Research Topic
Hooking to an Inquiry Topic
Developing Focus Questions at Different Levels of Thought
Refining Research Questions
Advanced Searching - Review
Advanced Web Searching
Drawing Conclusions from Looking at Multiple Perspectives
Drawing Conclusions Supported by Evidence
Bibliography Worksheet
Individual Experience of Inquiry
Eleventh Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
Gathering Evidence to Support Thesis
Gathering Evidence to Support Thesis - Example
Source Comparison
Using Organizational Features of a Book to Locate Information
Developing a Line of Argument
Historical Perspective Taking - Empathy
Viewpoints Beliefs Actions
Communicating Ideas to an Audience
Twelth Grade Benchmarks and Assessments
Selecting Complex Research Problems or Questions
Investigating Ideas
Learning Logs for Reflective Notetaking
Concept Map
Concept Maps for Organizing Thinking
Supporting an Opinion
Inquiry Process Questions
Student Research Checklist

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